Be Still


Sometimes when you stop, or maybe even simply pause, your kids can find you. You may have been there the whole time—but you are always a blur. A busy blur flashing from your to-do list to spouting “don’t do that” at the kids.

I sat down after feeling dizzy from my sock-picking-up-dish-loading cycle. I caught my breath. There in the crux of our grey L-shaped couch, Tillie found me. She planted herself on top of me. And we took root on the couch. She and I shared a mother-daughter moment of stillness.

Well, to be honest it wasn’t still, it wasn’t even quiet, but it replenished me (and hopefully Tillie) with love. Stillness inspires the fiery flow of love, both for you and the loved ones around you. Be still. Find moments to Stop. Pause. Be.

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