Feeling Frothy

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It’s 12:53 am. Maybe it’s the coffee typing or maybe it’s me, but I’m restless.

I’m reeling from excitement. Today I took time for me.

Do you know what that feels like?

Initially it feels like my coffee, Bullet Proof brain octane oil, collagen protein powder, and Kerrygold butter, before I hit blend.

Totally going to be delicious in the end, but at first all the moving parts are fighting each other.

The oil beads up and clings to the bottle. The butter sits at the bottom, sullen and heavy. And the collagen protein powder is unapologetically clumpy and noncompliant.

And then I blend it up.

A transformation. I’m a foamy, delicious concoction. Revitalizing and tasty.

Yup, that’s what it’s like for me to plan, execute, and enjoy a day out doing something for myself.

I’m feeling frothy now.

(This may be my most far-fetched analogy, but it was my truth at 12:53am!) 🤦‍♀️☕️

I’m beyond thrilled I was able to attend the @todayshow launch of #modernmotherhoodtoday! @sheinelle_o did an amazing job moderating the panel featuring @catandnat

@catandnat were super relatable and loving! They expressed some heartfelt reminders to moms. My favorite was not to stop at “fine.” When you ask a friend how they’re doing, or when you tell a friend how you’re doing—go deeper than “fine.” Find out how they’re really doing. Tell your friend what’s really going on. That’s the only way we can truly bond and get support (much needed support) in this motherhood shindig!

Thank you, @todayparents @todayshow for hosting such a fun event! Thank you, @miacarellawriter for including me! @petersterri, @lauratcoffey, and Rebecca Cook Dune, it was so great to meet IRL!

There’s nothing like moms coming together in all our fiery strength.

#modernmotherhood #today #todayparentingteam #parentingteam #sisterhood #momtruths #momtruth

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