Every Family’s Got One Storytelling Show

YOU'RE INVITED to an evening of great food, delightful surprises -- and 8 amazing family stories! I'm thrilled to be one of the storytellers taking the stage! Get your tickets today! MyFathersPlace.com Here's the exciting mix of storytellers: Aliaa Dawoud, Ellie Devers, Molly England, Linda Kuriloff, Lisa Leshaw, Adam Selbst, Tara Visconti, and Lance Werth

Be Still

Sometimes when you stop, or maybe even simply pause, your kids can find you. You may have been there the whole time—but you are always a blur. A busy blur flashing from your to-do list to spouting “don’t do that” at the kids. I sat down after feeling dizzy from my sock-picking-up-dish-loading cycle. I caught … Continue reading Be Still