This smile is so pervasive that I smile looking at it again. The kids and I are in the parking lot of Rite Aid, about to go inside to indulge in some wild Black Friday deals. Just kidding, we are going to get dish soap, dishwasher detergent, and eye makeup remover, oh, and something to help with my dry heels.
Normally I’d get these types of things at Target, but I’m not that stupid. No way in hell you’ll catch me there with the three cheeky monkeys on Black Friday.
Anyway, we’d just spent about three hours at the public library (also my new place of work), and once the kids finished their block mosaic program, performed a puppet show, read books about rocks, and played games on the computers, I introduced them to a few of my co-workers downstairs in the Adult Reference area.
I felt like a dog handler showing off the best in show. (Not that my kids are like animals—well they actually are sometimes.) But, basically, I was beaming with pride to introduce my kids to my co-workers and really proud to show my kids the area of the library where I now work. So many hushed hellos and how do you dos, it’s a relief I didn’t loudly burst with happiness.
Needless to say, this smile is a smile to express a thousand words of simple pleasures and endless love for life.
Oh, and we had just realized that there are a boat load of new emojis on my phone! And who doesn’t love a new emoji?!
P.S. I’m also smiling because the fur in the lining of my jacket’s hood reminds me of Jordan Catalano’s jacket, and if you’re not smiling when you think of Jordan Catalano then your smile’s broken.
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