This Happened

I wrote an essay about moving from Texas to New York on the fourth day of Hurricane Harvey. The kids, our trusty dog, Bonzo, and I hit the not-so-open road and eventually made it safely to my husband in New York. I’m honored to share my story on page 31 of Chicken Soup for the Soul’s latest anthology, The Empowered Woman.

And on Tuesday, June 12, I hosted a book signing at Book Revue in Huntington, New York. Friends, family, avid readers, men, women, and children all came to listen to me speak and sign their copy. I spoke about my experience with depression and people listened. Afterward there was a moving and thought provoking Q&A. This was the essence of the evening—hearing people’s thoughts and listening to their powerful voices.

Thank you to everyone for coming out that night. Thank you to Book Revue for existing, independent and mighty in a homogenous world of chain bookstores. And thank you, Chicken Soup, for helping me realize my dream to be published in a book.

*Call or stop by Book Revue to order your copy tel: 631.271.1442 or click HERE for details*



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