Watching Lady Bird Was Exactly What I Needed


Go see a great movie. If there’s one thing you treat yourself to this season, let it be a movie all on your own.

Picture it—quiet, dark, the comforting aroma of popcorn. You’re transported to another place.

My mom offered to watch the kids while I went to the movies. Before she even finished her sentence, I was out the door. Purse slung over my shoulder, coat halfway up one arm—gone. I thought if I hesitated she might change her mind.

As luck would have it, Lady Bird was starting in 10 minutes. I indulged in a large popcorn, plopped myself down in the most central seat in the house. It was perfection.

The film was incredible. Greta Gerwig is an insanely talented director/writer. Circa 1990 Rosanne’s sister, Jackie (her real name’s Laurie Metcalf) stole the show as Lady Bird’s uncomfortably realistic, critical mother.

I emerged from the theater, ready to go back to mommying. My commitment stronger than ever to be an unconditionally loving nurturer, who not only loves her kids but likes them too.

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