A side of self-care

January’s buzz phrase is self-care. However, how that manifests, varies drastically amongst moms. Since feeding kids is an unavoidable task and self-care is most likely severely lacking in most moms’ lives, here are five easy ways to weave self-care into cooking duties.


Mini Facial

Are you channeling your Italian roots and cooking Claire’s delicious fettuccine with pasta sauce, olives and capers? When transferring the pasta into the strainer, carefully lean into the steam for the ultimate multitasking moment! Your humidified face will be moisturized and glowing just in time to serve dinner.


A Dash of Soul

Listening to music feeds the soul. Like clockwork, before I attempt cooking, I first queue up my favorite tunes. Recently Adele serenades us during meal prep. The kids and I sing-along and dance while dinner’s in the making. Cooking a Mexican meal? Play some Julieta Venegas. In the mood for salad nicoise? Listen to Carla Bruni to embolden your international spirit. Regardless of the food and musical genre, music helps melt any cooking stresses away.


Daddy Duty

There’s no better reason to put daddy in charge, than to protect your children from kitchen perils. Involving kids in the kitchen can be fun (allegedly), but sometimes solitude is essential. Use the safety excuse to get some much-needed alone time.  


Spa Simulation

Are you in dire need of spa time? Add cucumbers or other fruits and vegetables to your drinking water. As desperate as this may sound, the subtle infused flavors are reminiscent of a spa. Close your eyes, and imagine really, really hard the soft, heavy robe, cozy slippers and relaxing treatments you once readily enjoyed.


Mood Lighting

In the wise words of Bob Marley, “Turn the lights down low.” Fluorescent overhead lighting in your kitchen is a recipe for disaster. The abrasive hue is the antithesis of calming. Invest in soft lighting and install a dimmer. Ambient lighting will sooth your eyes and lighten your mood.

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