Top Articles to Read During Pregnancy

There’s so much (almost too much) information on the Internet. Here’s a collection of the best articles to educate and guide you during pregnancy:


“The trouble with Tylenol and pregnancy” The New York Times

Tylenol in pregnancy tied to behavior problems in children” The New York Times

Learn how paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen or Tylenol, proves risky in pregnancy.  BBC

How does caffeine during pregnancy affect baby’s intelligence? Daily Mail

Weighing the benefits and risks of anti-depressants during pregnancy. The New York Times.

The American Academy of Pediatrics released guidelines on alcohol consumption during pregnancyAmerican Academy of Pediatrics

Health & Nutrition

Learn more about CPD. How accurate is this commonly diagnosed complication? Pathways to Family Wellness

“Clear advice on healthy eating: Introducing EWG’s new dietary guidelines.” Healthy Child Healthy World

Exercising may not be enough to alleviate stress. Evidence shows mindfulness meditation to be highly effective in reducing stress. Time

Have you heard about the benefits of raspberry leaf? Learn more about herbs during pregnancy and labor. Essential Baby

Need to unwind? Adult coloring books are scientifically proven to relieve stress. CNN

The benefits of chiropractic care in pregnancy. Pathways to Family Wellness

Birth Place and Birth Team

Doula Support for Pregnant Women Could Improve Care, Reduce Costs.” NPR.

“Call the midwife” The Atlantic

Learn more about the rise in birth centers and what attracts pregnant couples to deliver at a birth center as opposed to a hospital or at home. CNN

For the first time a major health authority states home births may be safer than hospitals in some low risk cases. The Wall Street Journal

Recent research shows the safety and cost effectiveness of home births. Mothering

Find out why one OB-GYN questions whether hospitals are the best birth setting for low risk births. The Washington Post

Birth Preparation, Labor and Delivery

“Birthing Basics: The Bradley Method®” Well Rounded NY

“Six benefits of The Bradley Method®, including high rate of natural birth success Dr. Axe

Ultrasound scans – cause for concern” Dr. Sarah Buckley

Learn more about ultrasounds during pregnancy. Pathways to Family Wellness

How to write a birth plan. Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Writing your birth plan? Read these often missed interventions you may want to mention. Mothering

New research shows that measuring the cervix may more accurately predict due dates. The Huffington Post

Using moxibustion for breech babies. Birth Institute

“Let the baby decide: The case against inducing labor” Mothering

“Most healthy women would benefit from light meal during labor” Science Daily

“Evidence for the Saline Lock during Labor” Evidence Based Birth®

“The curse of meconium stained liquor” Midwife Thinking

Fact sheet on why there’s such a high rate of cesarean sections in the United States. Childbirth Connection

Curious about cesarean section rates in your state? See how your state compares to the national average. Cesarean Rates

“The gentle cesarean: more like a birth than an operation” NPR

“The new generation of pregnancy websites and apps you need to know about” The Washington Post

Hormones – The Hidden Heroes.” Pathways to Family Wellness

The method you deliver your baby affects the transfer of good bacteria from mother to baby. Very Well


Find out about why delayed cord clamping may benefit your baby. NPR

Birth professionals question the efficacy of neonatal erythromycin treatment. Global News

“Mothers holding low birth weight newborns skin-to-skin linked with lower mortality rates” Harvard

Skin-to-skin contact reduces maternal and paternal stress, profoundly benefiting the whole family. Medical News Today

To hat or not to hat, that is the question. Belly Belly

The Hold – Quick and effective calming technique for newborns. Dr. Robert Hamilton

“Should babies sleep through the night?” College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University

“Putting your baby to sleep: Some advice and good news” The New York Times


“What’s in breastmilk and what’s in formula?” Belly Belly

Research shows that breastfeeding matters on a whole new level. The Huffington Post

Everything you need to know on starting breastfeeding. Breastfeeding Today

A graphic yet useful visual of what baby’s poops will look like. Breastfeeding Materials

Read about how a partner’s support helps determine the right time to wean. Pathways to Family Wellness


“The fourth trimester: A guide to healthy postpartum recovery” Pathways to Family Wellness

“Six ways to heal your perineum after giving birth” Belly Belly

The science supporting placenta encapsulation. Placenta Wise


Jordan Schachter, a leader in evolved parenting, discusses techniques, offers insight and explores the path to becoming an evolved parent. Green Child

“Sunday Book Review: ‘The Gift of Failure,’ By Jessica Lahey” The New York Times

Read these reviews of “The Conscious Parent” By Dr. Shefali and change the course of your parenting. Good Reads

Global Perspective

New data from the World Health Organization on maternal mortality rates across the globe. How does the U.S. rank? The Washington Post

Find out what is happening with maternal death rates across the world. Huffington Post

If only kraamzorg were a word in America’s postpartum lexicon. Read about The Netherland’s incredible postpartum support services, from housecleaning to breastfeeding support. Babble

Please be sure to share your favorite pregnancy articles in the comments. Thanks!

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