A Real Birth Story/Family Documentary: Waiting for Colton by Chris Cate

Guest submission by Chris Cate

First babies are usually born with much more fanfare than third babies. Our family is no exception. However, what our third baby lacks in quantity of adorable videos and pictures (and unused baby clothes/toys/cribs/etc.) is made up for in quality.

By the time our third baby was due, I had taken thousands of pictures and videos of our first two babies. I had upgraded our cameras and editing equipment and learned how to be a better storyteller using video and pictures. And this is important because I also learned that our baby diaries would remain as blank as the day we received them for perhaps forever (I still have plans to write down the stories of our babies’ births, but I’m still waiting to have the time.).

So recognizing I would probably never write down the story of our third baby’s birth, I made this video to tell the story.

(For more of my close encounters with the baby, toddler and elementary kind, visit my website www.parentnormal.com)

Chris Cate’s Birth Video


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