Keeping Up with Trends After Kids

For some of us, being a mom means replacing your cool status with… an unembarrassing status – at best. Here are some ways to revive your coolness in a heavily populated, uncool climate.

Visit cool places for inspiration

My family and I recently spent a week in quite possibly the coolest area in the nation- Venice, California. Steps from the famously eclectic Venice Beach and minutes from the trendiest street Abbot Kinney, I pondered what it means to be cool as a mom of three. We ate at the hippest donut shop, where the rosemary infused raspberry flavored donut made the maple glazed bacon flavored donut seem average. The chic shops were too sparse to dare enter and the restaurants didn’t open until 5 p. m., because apparently eating before cocktail hour is totally unnecessary. The coolness that permeated these aloof shops and restaurants initially intimidated and then inspired me. The theme was confidence and individuality. Everyone in Venice marches to the beat of her own drum, from the street performers to the startup techies; they’re all following their hearts and indulging their creative spirit, and us moms must follow suit.

Know your body shape and flatter it

Most likely your body has gone through a major transformation during pregnancy and postpartum. Online stylists services are a simple solution to redefining your look and unearthing your flaunt worthy curves. The sooner you donate your stretch waist maternity jeggings and replenish with button pants in your size, the sooner you’ll feel like you’ve rejoined planet earth. Mom jeans might be making a comeback on 16-year-old models with legs for days, but moms cannot rock mom jeans. On moms they’re simply evidence of your abandoned style.

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