Family trip survival guide: Five foolproof tips

Savvy domestic and international travellers, our kids frequently visit their grandparents in Los Angeles and London. For the most part we have smooth, figuratively speaking, turbulent-free trips. It’s essential to keep calm and carry on, knowing that eventually the destination is reached and the vacation will commence. Over the course of the past few years we’ve fine-tuned our travel ethos, culminating in the following five foolproof tips.

1.     Magpie Effect – Buy shiny new toys to entice your little ones. Our family’s favorites are Water Wow! Books.  They’re easy, educational and minimally messy.

2.      Make Room for Loveys – No matter how lightly you’re packing, bring along each child’s favorite cuddly comfort toy or blanket. During the jet-lag, insomnia filled first few nights your child’s precious cuddly toy will soothe, settle and enhance slumber.

3.     Everything in Moderation – Balance the down time and itinerary laden days. Wearing the kids out is key to adjusting to the time change, but too much of a good thing can lead to exhaustion. We generally have a day of activities and then a day off from our planned agenda.

4.     Wash & Dry – Pack clothes the kids actually wear and find a local laundry mat or laundry service. Never pack more than 5 outfits per person. Plan to wash clothes. If flying, always carry a change of clothes in your carry-on in case of lost luggage, inevitable spillages and potty accidents.

5.     Night Rider – Travel at night to capitalize on your child’s sleep whilst en route to your destination. Travel time flies when the wee ones snooze! Fingers crossed, you may even catch an inflight film.

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