Pregnancy preparedness part 1: Is natural childbirth right for you?


In a society inundated with quick fixes and convenience, it’s no wonder giving birth in this country has become yet another commodity.  Although the act of making a baby can be done hastily, the gestation, however, requires at least nine months.  Mother nature agrees with the hare, “Slow and steady wins the race.”  The baby will eventually arrive regardless of what you do, but how you prepare in the preceding months is entirely in your control.  The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth empowers pregnant couples to ‘show up’ to their pregnancy and prepare for labor.

Preparation entails a fun, far from arduous, 12-week course in which coaches and moms learn what to expect, how to stay healthy and low risk and the effective tools to achieve a natural birth.  Each week highlights a topic of paramount importance in preparing for natural labor.  Week one and two cover exercise and nutrition.  My favorite salient points of these classes are: 1. Do not worry about the amount of weight you gain. 2. Tailor sitting is a Bradley Method® Exercise.  Yes, that’s correct, the Bradley Method® not only encourages mothers to throw out the scale, but also deems “sitting” an exercise.  Need I say more?  This is every pregnant woman’s dream.

Although committing to a 12-week course might feel excessive compared to your standard hospital course, lasting a mere couple of hours, I assure you The Bradley Method® Course is time well spent.  Choosing to be invested, attentive and aware during pregnancy is a small undertaking, considering the overwhelming reward of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.  Jay Hathaway, Co-executive Director of the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth® explains, “If you could hold this baby in your arms today for one hour, get to know them, and then put your baby back inside, there is nothing you wouldn’t do for that baby – no job too hard, no pain too intense.  If you knew it was for the good of your baby…you could do anything.”

I beg the question, what are you doing to prepare for your pregnancy and baby’s imminent arrival?

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