“Thank you so much, Molly, for sharing so many incredible tools and coping strategies! Your Bradley Method® class instilled so much confidence in Wheeler and I, and we totally credit our birth experience to your instruction! 

– Janie, Teacher

“The Bradley Method Class with Molly gave us a great realistic view of childbirth in 2016. The blend of textbook materials and the instructor’s personal experiences enhanced the overall experience for us. I can honestly say I feel comfortable being a birth-coach for my first baby, thanks to Molly.”

– Yash, Corporate Trainer

“I loved taking Bradley Method birthing classes from Molly. I was so sad when the classes were over! I learned so much about my diet, exercising, breast feeding, postpartum care- EVERY aspect of my pregnancy. Molly was able to teach a class of first time mommies and daddies in a way that we all understood, never talking down to us or over our heads. She encouraged questions and participation. I felt comfortable asking potentially embarrassing questions because she created such a caring, respectful class environment. Her class is very research based, but she is also open to sharing what she has learned through her experience as a mommy.  Every week I looked forward to meeting up with my new classmate friends to learn and have some fun discussions. Whether you are a first time parent or an experienced parent who would like to explore the beauty of natural childbirth, this class is for you. I give Molly and what I learned in her classes a lot of credit for the health of my newborn twins and myself. Thank you, Molly and Bradley Method!”

– Becky, Teacher

“My wife and I really enjoyed taking the Bradley classes from Molly. She came to each class prepared and excited. Her enthusiasm was genuine and contagious. This was our first pregnancy, but we felt very confident and prepared by the time we finished the course. I wasn’t sure what to expect when my wife suggested we enroll in the course, but I was soon looking forward to each class. I am so thankful to Molly for helping my wife stay healthy during her pregnancy and for teaching me what I could do to help her. I felt like I really had an active role instead of just being a spectator. Our beautiful babies are proof that what Molly taught us works!”

– Rob, Firefighter

“Awesome teacher and a great class. Would always recommend it to friends! We have been perfectly educated for our pregnancy and prepared for our birth! Molly is always available for questions and a very motivated teacher!! Thank you so much!”

– Ewa, Geologist

“What a great opportunity to educate yourself & prepare yourself for one of the greatest experiences of your life! Molly is a great teacher – she is knowledgeable, well-informed and very approachable. Most of all, though, she is one of the most sincere, down-to-earth and CARING people you’ll ever meet. Not only a good leader, but a great listener. She encourages and remains supportive while she teaches. Every student is a personal investment. Meet a teacher & make a friend!  But most of all, deepen your knowledge & increase your confidence in this miracle of birth & life!”

– Nancy, Yoga Instructor

“Molly is a knowledgeable, compassionate mother of three who blends her own personal journey with birth along with the tried and true techniques of the Bradley Method® to bring a fun, interactive and quality education to her students.” 

– Dorin, Bradley Method® Instructor of 13 years

“Molly is a precious gift to expectant parents.  Her experience as a natural birth Mama of 3, her warmth, kindness and dedication to families is apparent from the moment you meet her.  She has a passion for learning as well as for teaching. Any couple in her class is in for a real treat. She is able to convey the knowledge she has with an understanding that comes from having lived it herself. I would choose Molly to be my educator if I were having a baby. I am so excited for all parents who will have Molly’s unconditional support at this precious time in their lives.”

– Atoosa Benji, CD (DONA), AAHCC, CLE (UCLA)